Want to experience the excitement of being behind the wheel of a Tesla?

Tesla vehicles are marvels of modern engineering. These stunning, high performance cars are innovative, unique and incredibly fun to drive.

No oil, no ignition, no gas and no need to unlock the doors – just walk up to the car and it will open by itself. This car is so smart, it can almost read your mind.

When you get on the highway and put the pedal down, the smooth acceleration feels like an airplane taking off. Yet, it’s completely silent – almost like orbiting the earth in a state-of-the-art spaceship.

It’s an irresistible thrill – the feeling of driving into the future. Your heart beats faster and you can’t help but grin.

But you don’t have to own a Tesla to experience the joy of driving one – you can rent mine.

Reasons to Rent my Tesla

If you’re thinking of buying a Tesla but want to experience driving one first, here’s your chance.

You’re a current Tesla owner in town visiting and you can’t stand to live a day without your beloved car.

Use it as your wedding ‘getaway’ car so you can make an exit in style on your special day.

Plan a stylish photoshoot or video shoot with the car – the ultimate accessory.

Take it on a weekend getaway to make the trip extra special.

Show up at an event in a car that will make everyone’s heads turn.

Or, simply take it for a spin because you’ve always dreamed about zooming down the highway in this powerful, futuristic machine. (Come on, you know you want to.)

About My Cars

I have two beautiful cars you can rent – a Tesla Model X and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X. They are both high end vehicles that offer a sublime driving experience.

I offer unlimited miles on both vehicles, so there is no extra charge for excess mileage. (Head out on an epic road trip, and have fun!)

If you have any questions or concerns - you can contact me at any time.

Tesla Model X

●Free unlimited supercharging means you can drive across the country without having to spend a penny on gas. (Good for the earth, and good for you.)

●Autopilot 2.0 with 9 cameras and sensors, so you can sit back and let the car do the driving.

●Responsive suspension that makes driving on gravel feel like smooth pavement.

●The Tesla is considered one of the safest cars ever created.

●The smart navigation will reroute you if it sees a quicker way to get where you are going.

●Set the interior temperature before you enter by tapping a button on your phone – so you never have to sit in a hot or cold car.

●Accommodates 5 people.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X

●Double sunroof, perfect for sunny day drives.

●9 speaker surround sound, for your favorite road trip tunes.

●Blind spot sensors that make parking and reversing easy.

●A high up, comfortable driving position and luxurious leather seats.

●Automatic temperature control and heated seats and steering wheel keep you comfortable no matter what the weather.

●Electronic stability control for a smooth ride.

●Premium LED fog lamps, so you can always see clearly.

●Sports Mode, which makes the car brake faster and respond even better - so you can truly feel the power behind the wheel.

●Accommodates 5 people.

The cars are available to pick up from Huntington, New York. It is also possible to arrange an airport drop off – contact me for more information.


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